Housing and Planning Bill Ping-Pong

Living Rent at the Kill the Bill protest at Westminster last Tuesday when the bill went back to MP’s to vote on amendments from the Lords…..

Unfortunately MPs voted to reject 13 amendments to the Housing Bill demanded by the House of Lords. They backed higher rents for people with a household income of £31,000 or more (£40,000 in London) and plans to make councils sell “high value” homes to pay off the deficit…


We will continue to lobby MP’s and Lords. If we all lobby them we have a chance to kill the housing bill!

Information on future protests organised by Kill the Bill campaign.



We were on BBC Radio …

With an 18% increase in rents since 2014 rent regulations need to be implemented.  This high rate of rent rise has caught the headlines, and The World Tonight on BBC Radio 4 broadcasted their piece on 22nd January at 10pm.  Did you hear it?  If not, here’s the audio clip…


The Utopian promise of social housing…….

15 Nov 2:00 pm: Estate, a Reverie – showing at Dukes at Komedia
Director: Andrea Luka Zimmerman


As part of the Cinecity 13th Brighton Film Festival 13th-29th November 2015


Estate, a Reverie tracks the passing of the Haggerston Estate (1936-2014) in Hackney, London and the utopian promise of social housing it offered, with an unruly celebration of extraordinary everyday humanity. Filmed over seven years, with the film-maker herself having lived on the estate for 17 years, Estate, a Reverie reveals and celebrates the resilience of residents who were profoundly overlooked by media representations and wider social responses. Interweaving intimate portraits with the residents’ own historical re-enactments, Estate, a Reverie asks how we might resist being framed exclusively through class, gender, ability or disability, and even through geography. Estate, A Reverie has been nominated for The Grierson Trust Best Newcomer Documentary 2015 and Andrea Luka Zimmerman for the Jarman Award.

Followed by panel discussion with director Andrea Luka Zimmerman and members of Love Activists and Living Rent

Newsreader exposes the truth about economics “…Economics to me is….

…can I afford to buy a house?”
“Where do you live?”
[a gasp of absurdity]”No!”
“Can I afford to rent?”
“Where do you live again?”
[another gasp of absurdity]”No!”
“What can I afford then? – A cupboard under the stairs for £500 a month…How can that possibly be a healthy housing market?…”

View this brilliant performance and honest take on this serious subject by satirical entertainer Jonathan Pie

There are alternatives to our current renting system…..

An article in citymetric.com explains how:-

…..most rents are capped, revenge evictions are illegal and affordable housing quotas are enforced…..

BUT before you get too elated by this revelation, these regulations are in Amsterdam, not England…however, this is on similar lines to what we The Living Rent Campaign are striving to achieve.

Find out more here >>