We were on BBC Radio …

With an 18% increase in rents since 2014 rent regulations need to be implemented.  This high rate of rent rise has caught the headlines, and The World Tonight on BBC Radio 4 broadcasted their piece on 22nd January at 10pm.  Did you hear it?  If not, here’s the audio clip…



Students rise up against soaring housing rents

“Demands for cuts and compensation spread as protests in London call for 40% reduction in accommodation costs
Students rents
Students fed up with paying thousands of pounds a year for sub-standard accommodation are demanding compensation and rent cuts from universities in what could signal a new era of undergraduate activism”. Article in the Observer on Sunday:


Consultation: Rough Sleeping Strategy for Brighton & Hove.

This week  launches the consultation to help develop the Brighton & Hove City Council’s new Rough Sleeping Strategy. They aim to “make sure no-one has the need to sleep rough in Brighton & Hove by 2020.”

To comment, please visit the Council’s Consultation Portal at

http://consult.brighton-hove.gov.uk/portal by the end of December.

It is very important that we all have a say in how the new policy is formed!

Oooh there’s a property party….

….for those with seemingly no ethics apart from making money from property and others’ misery – what an exciting crowd they must be!

The Property Award event takes place on 21st April in London, but those of with high ethical standards, respect for human dignity and human rights we will be taking mass action against the Property Developers (fun?!) party.

Find the details of the mass action here >>


Property Party Mass Action

Property Party Mass Action

It’s wrong

Extending Right to Buy is wrong

“….As a Conservative minister recently said to me “getting a housing association tenancy in my constituency is like finding the golden ticket. The quality and price is so much better than anything in the private sector.” She’s quite right. But according to the reports in the Sunday Times and the Daily Mail, the Conservatives are proposing that the discount offered to housing association tenants of up to 30% would be covered by taxpayers. That’s right. My young friends and all the private renters living in the minister’s constituency, and all the rest of us, would pay for some lucky tenants to be gifted homes that had been built and maintained for the benefit of the community…..”

By David Orr, chief executive of the National Housing Federation