The Housing Bill will take away public funding from affordable homes for rent, instead funneling money into ‘Starter Homes’ that only the rich can afford. It will make it easier for private landlords to evict renters, and do nothing to control private rents.
The bill will also force cash-strapped councils to hand over millions of pounds to housing associations to allow them to sell their properties cheaply, and replace secure tenancies with ones as short as 2 years
Social housing has been the bedrock of many communities for the past 70 years. It pays for itself and 30 years ago provided homes to one in three British people, allowing people and communities to thrive. We are not against people buying a home, but this must not be at the expense of social housing for those who can’t afford to buy.
For more information on this campaign and petition go to Defend Council Housing

You can also write to the House of Lords where the bill is being debated now
Housing and Planning Bill 2015-16


Shelter is with us

Tomorrow (16th April 2015) Shelter is taking their campaign for more affordable homes to the streets. The streets of Brighton……

So stop by and say hello – they’ll be in Jubilee Square from 11am – 3pm tomorrow. Or better still, if you have a spare half hour, come and give them a hand. Take a look at Shelters blog to find out more about what they’ll be doing on the day.

They’re campaigning in Brighton tomorrow because without enough affordable homes:

  • house prices go up so fewer people can buy
  • more people are forced into unstable and expensive private renting
  • fewer people can rent social housing

So finding somewhere to live becomes more difficult for everyone.

Which is why Shelter will be asking the people of Brighton to sign their petition for more genuinely affordable homes, where they’re needed most.

Please email Shelter at if you’d like to help out or for more information.

Hopefully see you tomorrow!


It’s time to ban the fees…

Fed up with rip off agency fees in the private rented sector?  The figures are clear:-

“…Most agents charge for checking references, but costs range from as little as £6 to £300, according to the study. Renters can also be hit by charges ranging from between £15 to £300 for simply renewing their tenancies. Some agents charged £300 for credit checks that are widely available for £25.

Even when moving out of a property, almost half of the 353 agencies polled by Citizens Advice said they charge an average ‘check out’ fee of £76….”

As published by Citizens Advice here>>

To add insult to injury, which other market charges both parties?…this being both the renters and the landlords!!! There NEEDS to be regulation.

Oh, and did you know???… “…A fees ban was introduced in Scotland in 2012 and there is no clear evidence to suggest it has led to an increase in rental prices….”

As published by Citizens Advice here>>

Take a stand, pass this on, let others know!

Fed up with letting fees

Implementing a National Register of Landlords

A post on Generation Rent by Alex Hilton explains an easy way to implement a National Register of Landlords.

The benefits

The national register is simple, and it would be used by local authority housing enforcement teams.

  • All tenancies are required to be registered.
  • Local enforcement teams log their landlord enforcement actions.
  • The system automatically alerts any authority where that “dodgy” landlord has registered a tenancy of a list of properties in that authority where that landlord operates.
  • Authorities prioritise this list for inspection.
  • Authorities compile a list of properties where no one is registered to vote or where there are council tax arrears and deletes from the list all known social tenured homes.
  • Authorities delete from the list all registered private tenancies.
  • Authorities prioritise this list for inspection as they are highly likely to be unregistered private tenancies.

Due to the implementation of a blanket licensing scheme in Newham, that authority has been able to focus its enforcement resources using the information detailed above. Furthermore, they are recouping an estimated £1.3 million in previously unpaid Council Tax.

See More….and sign the petition….

A national register of landlords

Let’s implement a national register of landlords

There is a lack of regulation in the Private Rented Sector

“….The growth of the private rented sector in the last 20 years has seen a huge rise in amateur landlords across Britain. Currently 72% of landlords rent out just one property and 88% rent out less than three properties; furthermore, the huge majority are not part of professional industry bodies or accreditation schemes. Due to the lack of regulation in the sector, though, these figures remain estimates – the government does not actually know how many landlords are currently operating in the country…..” (Generation Rent)

Read more>>

Sign the petition and share!

Help bring about change by signing our petition for a fairer and more regulated private rented housing sector……The more support we have, the greater chance we have of succeeding. You can reach the petition by clicking on the image below:-

Living Rent Campaign Petition

Living Rent Petition – Support by signing!